Take Off



Non-ammoniated Stripper Cleaner

Code E10-24020
Take Off

TAKE OFF quickly unlocks the molecular structure of all types of water-based floor waxes, finishes, and sealers for easy removal. Its no-harsh, ammonia smell makes stripping floors more pleasant. As an excellent heavy-duty cleaner, it's great for cutting wax build up, grease, oil, and dirt. The unique chemical elements in TAKE OFF's formula quickly penetrates and dissolves layers of finish. All wax and finish is lifted to the surface for easy pickup. Effective in hot, cold, hard, or soft water, this stripper is recommended for use on all floors not harmed by water.


  • Pleasant
  • Powerful
  • Economical
  • Removes stubborn build-ups
  • Effective in all water conditions
  • Biodegradable
  • No harsh ammonia
  • Quickly unlocks synthetic polymer &molecular wax chains
  • Emulsified particles eliminate costly restripping