Odor B Gone - Citrus Fresh



Odor Eliminator

Odor B Gone - Citrus Fresh

ODOR B GONE is formulated with specially cultured blend of enzymes and bacteria developed to
attack and eliminate urine and fecal matter odors from human, pet and rodent sources. ODOR B
GONE is pleasantly scented to give an immediate odor relief when applied while the product goes to
work permanently eliminating the source of the odor. ODOR B GONE does not cover-up or
encapsulate the source of the odor allowing it to resurface in the future. This product is specially
formulated to permanently chemically convert the odor source into an inert odorless substance.
Furthermore, ODOR B GONE is safe to use on any water safe surface. ODOR B GONE is available
in two great fragrances Fresh Linen or Citrus Fresh.