Break Down



No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Break Down

BREAK-DOWN is a game changer for cleaning kitchen floors. Traditionally heavy caustic or acid products have been used
to clean kitchen floors leaving behind grease, oils and fats trapped in the pores of the tile and grout. Greases, fats and oils
left behind leave the floor slippery and your kitchen with a stale odor.
BREAK-DOWN is a pH Neutral formula utilizing Grease Cutting Surfactants combined with special Non-pathogenic
Enzyme producing bacteria. This no-rinse floor cleaner continues to work after you put the mop away. After you finish
cleaning the surface BREAK-DOWN will continue to digest the greases, oils and fats left behind in the pores of the tile and
Not all products are created equal. BREAK-DOWN sets itself apart from the pack with the addition of Enzyme Fortification
which means BREAK-DOWN hits the floor running starting to work faster and clean deeper than other bacteria based
products on the market.