Complete RTU



Foaming Cleaner & Deodorant

Complete RTU

This ready-to-use, foaming cleaner and deodorant is the ideal product for a variety of cleaning tasks. Complete is designed to cut through the everyday build-up of greases and grime, smears, smudges, soap scum, and body oils leaving surfaces squeaky clean and deodorized. Furthermore, this advanced formula contains three special solvents that quickly penetrate the toughest soils found in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, restaurants, motels, and hotels. Complete is pleasantly scented and contains no harsh acids or abrasives and is safe to use on sinks, tubs, showers, tile & grout, toilets, counter tops, handrails, and many other hard surfaces. In addition to its cleaning ability, this highly effective product quickly eliminates odors as it cleans and leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Powerful, foaming action
  • Removes Soap Scum and Oils
  • Pleasantly Scented
  • Cleans & Deodorizes
  • Convenient
  • Non-Acid
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • One Step, Easy to Use Formula
  • Excellent on soap scum and body oils