Waste Master Digestase SDE 340



Sewer Digestant With Enzymes

Code K10-51050
Waste Master Digestase SDE 340

WASTE MASTER DIGESTASE SDE 340 utilizes the powerful waste digesting properties of natural enzymes and bacteria. WASTE MASTER DIGESTASE SDE 340 is a blend of special bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic) cultured for their ability to digest and liquefy organic sewage - quickly, efficiently, without odors! There potent bacteria are combined with natural enzymes to immediately break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and cellulose (paper) for the most effective digestion. This digestant product will establish thriving colonies of these beneficial bacteria in various sewage treatment processes. Regular applications are necessary to replenish the supply of beneficial bacteria, and minimize growth of unwanted bacteria that produce odors and noxious gas. These beneficial bacteria cultures are vastly superior to naturally occurring bacteria in digesting waste. Treated systems will reduce BOD and COD faster and more efficiently, enabling the system to treat higher volumes of waste and meet stringent effluent quality requirements. It will help the treatment system to resist temporary disruptions caused by toxic influent, while reducing odors and sludge volume. In both aerobic and anaerobic sludge digesters, digestion is more complete for less volume, easier dewatering, and higher nutrient value.

  • Attacks, liquefies, and removes grease, fat and oil faster
  • Contains both anaerobic and facultative bacteria
  • Bacteria remain in spore form for extended shelf life
  • Contains vitamins to enhance bacterial growth