Waste Master Digestase APD 900



All Purpose Digestant

Code K10-51010
Waste Master Digestase APD 900

WASTE MASTER DIGESTASE APD 900 utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of special bacteria cultures and natural enzymes. WASTE MASTER DIGESTASE APD 900 is a blend of bacillus bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic types) cultured for their ability to digest and liquefy organic waste - quickly, efficiently and without odors! The natural enzymes immediately break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and cellulose (paper) for most effective waste digestion. Regular use of this digestant will establish thriving colonies of waste-digestant bacteria to provide uninterrupted cleaning action in all drains, plumbing and septic systems. This continuous digestion process prevents accumulation of sludge, scum, grease and all other organic solids. It unclogs drains for full flow and reduced odors. In septic systems, WASTE MASTER DIGESTASE APD 900 will eliminate carry-over and odors, and reduce the need for pump-outs. It introduces micro-organisms into the soil for improved drainage and smooth operation of drain fields and leach beds.

  • Attacks, liquefies, and removes grease, fat and oil faster
  • Contains both anaerobic and facultative bacteria
  • Bacteria remain in spore form for extended shelf life
  • Contains vitamins to enhance bacterial growth
  • Decreases BOD load