Drain Power



Sulfuric Drain Opener

Code K10-50060
Drain Power

DRAIN POWER is a formulation of virgin sulfuric acid and inhibitors designed to instantly open drains and traps that are clogged with organic debris. Within seconds, DRAIN POWER digests and liquefies grease, rags, hair, paper, soap, coffee grounds, food, sanitary napkins, cigarettes, animal fat, and all other types of organic debris that clog drains and traps. In addition, DRAIN POWER is chemically inhibited and conditioned to be safer on pipes, fittings, and packing. Furthermore, its penetration is three times the weight of water. This allows the product to penetrate the water and get to the blockage.

  • Instantly opens clogged drains
  • Odorless
  • Ready-to-use
  • Inhibited
  • Will not harm septic tank activity
  • Virgin sulfuric acid
  • Non-caking in lines