Odorless Drain Line Control

Code K10-50040

Desolve is a lemon-scented granular that cleans and maintains drains. This thermo-chemical drain line maintainer and opener destroys the main cause of slow moving and blocked drains (hair, soap scum,uric salts & cold water slime); therefore, it eliminates other debris from also becoming tangled, matted, and trapped. Liquid drain products follow the path of least resistance by creating a small opening leaving the majority of the clog remaining and ready to catch new debris causing additional clogs. Desolveā€™s granular formula attaches itself to the drain clogging debris allowing it time to dissolve the entire clog. This making Desolve up to 90% more effective then liquids. To eliminate down time from slow flowing and clogged drains use Desolve on a maintenance schedule.

  • Dissolves hair
  • Flushes slime from urinal traps
  • Eliminates cold water slime
  • No fumes
  • Restores drains to full flow
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Biodegradable
  • Will not affect septic systems
  • Will not harm pipes, fittings, or packing