Power Solv



Heavy Duty Ready To Use Cleaner & Degreaser

Code J20-41100
Power Solv

POWER SOLV is a ready-to-use, fast-acting degreaser and cleaner instantly removes tough oily, greasy, and stubborn soils from a variety of washable surfaces. More than an all-purpose cleaner, this powerful degreaser quickly penetrates and dissolves dirt, oil, grease, carbon, rubber marks, wax, soot and many other tough soils. Having a unique formulation, POWER SOLV is a balanced blend of several proven cleaning ingredients and power boosters. Therefore, POWER SOLV provides instant soil removal in a variety of situations. Furthermore, POWER SOLV is free of obnoxious fumes and has a natural, sassafras fragrance that is pleasant to use.

  • Industrial strength
  • Fast-acting
  • Ready-to-use
  • Sassafras fragrance
  • Removes oily, greasy, and stubborn soils
  • Instantly penetrates & lifts soils
  • A blend of powerful cleaning ingredients and power boosters