Magic Truck Wash



Vehicle Cleaner-Pressure Washer Cleaner

Code H30-32040
Magic Truck Wash

Never before has vehicle cleaning been this easy! MAGIC TRUCK WASH is designed to be used through a pressure washer that allows MAGIC TRUCK WASH to quickly remove dirt, oil, grease, road film, and exhaust from aluminum or painted surfaces. Best of all, it will not attack the surface. A special, ionic detergent system quickly floats away road film without the use of brushes or other manual devices. In addition, special sequestrants keep equipment free of water-mineral scale. MAGIC TRUCK WASHt rinses free, leaving no film or residue when it is used as directed. Furthermore, it brightens aluminum surfaces without the use of acid and may be used to clean any surface soiled with dirt, oil, traffic film. MAGIC TRUCK WASH may also be used manually if a pressure washer is not available.


  • Removes dirt, oil, and road film
  • Highly concentrated
  • Caustic-free
  • Versatile
  • Biodegradable
  • No phosphates
  • Releases soil and suspends it for removal
  • Performs a variety of cleaning tasks
  • Works without agitation
  • use on all surfaces not harmed by water
  • With normal use, will not harm vegetation