Pine Power



Extra Heavy-Duty Concrete Cleaner

Code H10-30130
Pine Power

PINE POWER is a combination of heavy-duty detergents and abrasive additives. PINE POWER provides a thorough cleaning of grease, oil, and other heavy soils, and it leaves a pleasant, pine aroma. PINE POWER can be used on floors and walls (concrete and tile).


  • Abrasive action
  • Color-indicating dye
  • Special surfactant blend
  • Completely water-soluble
  • Environmentally safe
  • Leaves a pleasant scent
  • Harmless on all types of drains and metals
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy to spot untreated areas
  • Does not leave a powdery residue
  • Very effective
  • Becomes fluorescent when activated
  • Free-rinsing
  • Contains no sand or other insoluble abrasives