Acid Cleaner/Delimer

Code H10-30080

LIGHTENING is a special cleaner dissolves and removes rust, scale, lime, corrosion, excess concrete, soap scum, mortar, urine build-up, and all water minerals. Designed for really tough jobs, this product's chemical action quickly penetrates, dissolves, and emulsifies oils, dirt, soap scum, and minerals in seconds and leaves surfaces sparkling clean! Furthermore, LIGHTENING is ideal for all acid-resistant surfaces, and it's rust inhibited! Best of all, it's economical! LIGHTENING is concentrated and should be diluted with water prior to use, except in most severe cases.


  • Removes rust, minerals, oil, & scum
  • Concentrated
  • Pleasant odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Fast-acting
  • Effective
  • Restores
  • USDA approved
  • Use on acid-resistant surfaces
  • Penetrates rust, lime, scum, & scale
  • Removal of mortar
  • Rejuvenates many surfaces