Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish

Code F10-25080

SPARKLE is a water-based oil emulsion that removes smudges, fingerprints, water spots, and light grease deposits without leaving a greasy film. SPARKLE forms a thin, satin-sheen finish that will not build-up, and SPARKLE resists water marks and unsightly fingerprints. SPARKLE does not contain any acid or abrasive that will powder, cake, create ugly build-up, or scratch or mar the original beauty of the surface. SPARKLE is excellent for polishing and maintaining stainless steel equipment, machinery, tanks, outside building trims, etc.


  • Leaves a satin-sheen finish
  • Does not contain acid or abrasive
  • Water-based oil emulsion
  • Does not build-up
  • Will not powder or cake
  • Does not leave a greasy film
  • Resists further soiling
  • Will not scratch or mar original surface
  • Removes oil-based stains as well as water spots, spills, and food soils